Falling Into The Trap Of Being “Good”

We grow up being told to be the "good girl", "the good boy" and when we aren't "good" in the eyes of authority we are punished in some way - either through shame, avoidance, anger or some form of discipline whether it is physical or emotional. It is programmed into us at the very beginning: … Continue reading Falling Into The Trap Of Being “Good”

Be Fearless- Meditation

We all have fear. Its biological, its nature and its a protective mechanism of the mind that tries to guard us from potential issues. It tries to warn us, but the real problem is when fear takes over our lives. When we are balanced and neutral we are able to discriminate real threats. But when we … Continue reading Be Fearless- Meditation

Full Moon Ceremony

Hello All Dear Blessed Souls, Here is a Full moon ceremony I have published on a website.  A great practice to integrate into life and to emphasize the sacredness of the Full Moon. Please check it out. Click here. Feel free to browse at the clothing as well. She is a local, Vancouver,BC designer and … Continue reading Full Moon Ceremony