Full Moon Night

Full moon, silent night, drifting tides In the inner silence the truth lies. Becoming as still as the surrounding trees that dance so swiftly amongst the slight breeze. I find harmony, my own little paradise from reality No need to prove or push Letting God be the leader and guide There comes a rest that … Continue reading Full Moon Night

Reality Check- Environmental issues

Your treacherous tears, how they flow from your eyes Never stopping, full of¬†compromise And we wonder why? Hoping the fears will clear and perhaps we will see All of the beauty, all of the creativity that rests in every mineral of the sea Every particle and every molecule. But all in all, Our eyes and … Continue reading Reality Check- Environmental issues

Musical Thoughts

Music has immense power that can transform emotions, unite humanity and is found in every culture around the world. Music allows us to tap into alternate states of consciousness and to express emotions through the sense of hearing. Music penetrates into our hearts and it can break down barriers internally and externally. Music is the … Continue reading Musical Thoughts