As Above, So Below

A recent painting I did exploring sacred geometry, the intelligence of nature and the profound wisdom of ancient cultures that were connected to the Earth. "As above, so Below" 24x26, canvas, acrylic ¬©Angelika Forray All around us there is magic. This magic is reflected in the Milky Way, shooting stars and far off galaxies. It … Continue reading As Above, So Below

A Lesson From Nature About Living in Harmony with the World of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria

All of this hype has the world fighting against itself. Humans fighting against their environment. Our immune systems against the virus. One persons ideologies against anothers . It is another form of the mentality of us versus them. It is a war mentality. It is destructive, stressful and unhealthy. Instead of it being a war … Continue reading A Lesson From Nature About Living in Harmony with the World of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria

An Ode to the Plants

What words do you use to describe a love, a relationship that is so interconnected, so deep and so substantial for existence? It is more than just a lover or even a mother. It is everything. If my plant teachers ceased so would the air I breathe, the clothes I wear, the home I protect, … Continue reading An Ode to the Plants

When Your Parent Dies

I think most of us are scared even thinking about the day when they don't pick up the phone anymore. Especially if we have a good relationship with our parent it can be even more devastating. It's a ruthless and real part of life, that nothing lasts forever, not even the people that gave us … Continue reading When Your Parent Dies

Living in Harmony

There are natural laws operating within us and all around us. Intuitively we know about them and try to work with them, but when we become imbalanced all harmony goes out the window. The principle I will refer to in this article is from the ancient taoist tradition of China. Living in harmony with life, … Continue reading Living in Harmony