Angelika Forray

Shamanic/Spiritual Coach + Herbalist + Yoga Teacher Author + Artist

I love art and healing and I love to share what I learn with you! Whether it is through the words I write in my blog, books or through conversations we have. I am excited to share what I have been learning and exploring in spirituality, health and art for the past two decades.

A little about my education.

Body: I am an Ayurvedic therapist and studied in India and in the Sivananda ashram in the Bahamas. I am a Hatha and Kundalini yoga instructor. I taught in Vancouver for a couple of years in the oldest Kundalini Yoga studio in Canada (Yoga West). I love plant medicine and the healing power of nature. I am especially drawn to working with plants spirits, flower essences and the wisdom plants have to offer. I have studied with herbal colleges and done various apprenticeships.

Mind: I have a degree in psychology and conflict studies and human rights from the University of Ottawa. I am constantly reading about spiritual philosophy, psychoanalysis, dream work. I have completed 600 hours of meditation in silent retreats. I am a certificated EFT practitioner and completed my training in 2018 in Niagara falls Canada. Emotional Freedom Technique has helped me personally in many ways for releasing PTSD, stress and anxiety and I am very grateful to be able to share it with my clients. As a Yogi I draw upon the knowledge I have learned and experienced through physical yogic and qigong exercises but also meditative practices as well.

Spirit: I studied with the Institute of Shamanic Medicine in British Colombia for the past 5 years and am continually undergoing more training. Through my training I have learned many practices to connect with spirit, help with soul healing and to reconnect with nature. I have also learned from Shamans in South America and continue to dive into exploring my own traditional lineage of (pre-christian) Hungarian shamanism.

My approach is to help people holistically. I use plants as medicine, shamanism to help heal the Spirit/Soul and various meditation practices to heal the mind. I offer a multi level approach. Every client has a different journey to walk and needs different medicine, it is for this reason that I have trained so extensively is many different areas.

Currently I am completing a fine arts degree and expanding my art skills. I hope you enjoy what I create. If you would like something commissioned or to feature my work, please contact me. Thank you.

What i do
  • Author- I write spiritual articles, books and poetry
  • Artist- I create pottery, painting and spiritual tools
  • Herbal medicine maker – I can make custom blends from my medicine garden
  • Shamanic Coaching- I can assist you in healing your spirit and moving whatever blocks are present, as well as finding divine guidance for any issues in your life.
  • Wellness Consultations – I can help you with diet and lifestyle to create more balance in your body, mind and spirit