I want to wish everyone a new beginning as this new year comes to turn. May we be inspired to make the changes that are necessary in our lives and be wise to know what they are. May we be grateful for all that has come to pass in the last year, for all even the bad are lessons and gifts in disguise. May we grow and learn from our mistakes and celebrate all the beauty and all the opportunities we have come upon. May our hearts be open and willing to receive the highest potential we can manifest.
I wish for you all that this year will be a year of great discovery into your purpose on this planet; and come into it full swing. I wish the whole planet comes open to live from the heart, because it is only through feeling do we know what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. I pray that this new year, which oddly is a new moon will be the birth of change on the individual level and on a global level.

We can do this!

We can achieve anything we set our minds to, but we must believe. Believe in ourselves, our ideas and each other. Through the belief, we must put it into action and then persist until it unfolds.

This New Years I will be celebrating the new moon and the new birth of what I wish to create for this year. I will be writing down all my goals I want to achieve and then I will visualize it all coming into fruition. When visualizing not only do I see my future manifesting, I feel it. I completely create an alternate reality where my goals have successfully come to pass. I will put this letter and physical symbols that represent certain strong ideas into a jar or box. I will place some of my hair into the container so that my energy is apart of my creation. I will then bury the jar in a special place till next year. When the process is complete I will say a small prayer such as ” Thank you for all the blessings I have received for 2014″ and anything else I feel to add at that moment. Feel free to celebrate the coming year in this manner, for it is only through a vision does an idea come forth into physical existence. Your dreams are waiting to come alive, but you must give them the attention they deserve.

I wish you all the best and truly from the deepest part of my heart pray that this new year will be one of growth for all of mankind.

May we all be what we were born to be.

Tat Tvam Asi (Sanskrit: Thou art that)

Much love to you all,


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